Program Model

Our Program Model

transcenDANCE programs provide development opportunities for youth in underserved San Diego communities through a unique three-tiered program model:

Connect, Create, Contribute

transcenDANCE CONNECTS with youth in many ways, and also connects youth to their bodies, minds, spirits, and their communities. Read more about CONNECT.

CREATE is our flagship program. It is where we get to do our deepest work with 20 – 25 teens selected every year through an audition process.  Read more about CREATE.

Through CONTRIBUTE, transcenDANCE is a catalyst for student and community transformation.  Read more about CONTRIBUTE.

Programs provide an outlet for self-expression that promotes creative problem-solving as an alternative to the violence and conflict ever present in our students’ daily lives. A primary need addressed by the transcenDANCE Youth Project is to provide a safe, creative and supportive space during the “at risk” hours when youth are out of school and have no adult supervision at home.

Many transcenDANCE students return as alumni to take on leadership roles within the performance group as paid choreographers, teaching artists, and volunteers. They become the role models and mentors who inspire and motivate incoming students.