Community Partners

Community Partners

Below is a list of some of our close partners and friends who have helped make transcenDANCE’s programs and services possible for underserved San Diego youth.


Community Partners:

ARTS  In addition to the transcenDANCE studio and administrative offices being located on the ARTS campus, the   two organizations share much more then just geographical location.  The mission overlap between transcenDANCE and ARTS allows the two to share enrollment policies and procedures so that students can enjoy class offerings from both organizations.  In addition, cooperative programs are designed to integrate visual arts, performing arts, industrial arts, and there mediums to create robust and exciting cross discipline projects.  In 2013, ARTS Empower Students partnered with the transcenDANCE summer performance group to add their skills in set design, costume design, and music composition to create a collaborative and compelling final performance.

ArtPower-logo-smallArt Power! at UCSD builds creative exhibitions in music, dance, film, exhibition, and food.  Through a partnership with the organization, professional dance groups brought in to perform through the program are scheduled to come to transcenDANCE to teach our students in master classes.  In addition, Art Power! offers transcenDANCE students free tickets to travel to UCSD to attend professional dance performances in their season.

6th college UCSD’s newest college, 6th College, approaches learning with new interdisciplinary methods that prepare students to become dynamic and engaged citizens of the 21st Century.  6th College developed a course  for the Spring 2013 semester to provide students of diverse, interdisciplinary interests (music composition, visual art, photography, theater, choreography, etc) with an opportunity to mentor young dance students from transcenDANCE.  UCSD students  planned, organized and implemented several hands-on workshops for  EXPLORE  students  to further develop the summer performance project through the utilization of a variety of disciplines and such sub-themes as environmentalism, gentrification, impermanence, identity, cultural experiences and sustainability.

NCRC logotranscenDANCE and the National Conflict Resolution Center have been active partners for several years.  Services provided by NCRC helps transcenDANCE empower their students not only through dance training, but by offering them guidance in leadership, self esteem, and conflict resolution methods.  transcenDANCE was recognized in 2012 by NCRC with the PeaceMaker Award.

ARTS (A Reason to Survive)

San Diego County Office of Education

National Conflict Resolution Center

ArtPower! at UCSD

San Diego State University School of Dance 

Partner Schools

Sweetwater High School

Hoover High School

National City Middle School