transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project is looking for San Diego & National City high school students to join the 2018 transcenDANCE Performance Group!  

Saturday, February 17th, 11am – 3pm
at the transcenDANCE Studio:
200 East 12th St., National City, CA 91950

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No dance experience necessary!
Come learn about our program, meet new people, dance, and have fun!

We are looking for passionate, fun, open-minded, hard-working teens to be part of this year’s CREATE program. Selected students will learn dance technique and performance skills from teaching artists and choreographers and will also explore themes of leadership and social empowerment through the performing arts.

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  • 2018 program runs March through July
    • During school year: Tuesdays & Thursdays 4pm-7pm + select Saturdays 10am-4pm
    • Spring break: daily practices
    • Summer break: Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm
    • 3-day off site overnight retreat
  • Performance in July is co-created by students and performed in a professional theater

What is the transcenDANCE Performance Group?

The transcenDANCE Performance Group is part of our legacy CREATE program.  It is made up of a select group of teens who love to dance.  Throughout the spring and summer, the group works together with professional choreographers and teaching artists from around the community to put together a compelling dance theatre performance that incorporates the dancer’s personal stories. At the end of the summer, the dancers perform in front of live audiences at a professional San Diego theater!

How much does the program cost?

Our CREATE program is 100% free for all students selected to be part of the transcenDANCE Performance Group!  We also provide lunches for you for every rehearsal and a city bus pass to get to and from rehearsal if you need it.

Who is eligible for auditions?

High school students ages 14-19 years who live in National City and surrounding communities.

What if I can’t commit to the whole program because of school or other conflicts?

We encourage everyone to come to auditions regardless of any conflicts so we can get to know you.  However, it is required for dancers to be able to commit to the enitre program.  If school schedules or other conflicts are an issue, we can work out a way for you to still attend portions of the rehearsals, but not actually perform in the production.

What do I have to do at the auditions?

The CREATE performance group auditions are designed to be non-competitive and fun!  We will not make you learn any tough dance combinations in advance or perform by yourself.  Think of it more as attending a day of fun

dance classes where our staff will be observing and working with you.  We are looking for hard workers who love to dance and learn and work well with others.  Most of all, we are looking for positive attitudes and a willingness to share your spirit through dance and performance.  Be prepared to move a lot — wear comfortable clothing and bring snacks and water.

What else do I need to know?

During auditions, transcenDANCE staff will be evaluating you based on dance ability and enthusiasm.  We will select approximately 40 students to move on to the next round of auditions.  Round two auditions will require you to turn in a personal statement, a letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor, and bring a parent or guardian to an orientation and interview.  We will be evaluating your commitment and parent support during these interviews.  After the interviews, we will select a final group of approximately 24 students.  Any students who move on to round 2, but are not selected for the performance group, will be placed on an alternates list and invited to attend technique classes throughout the spring/summer.

I still have questions!

Great!  We have answers.   E-mail our CREATE Program Manager at amanda@tdarts.org or our CREATE Company Manager at viviana@tdarts.org.


–transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project Staff

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transceDANCE at San Diego Airport

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